Telegram Bar

— (barman) Yo, stranger. You'd better go, this place is dead.
— What's this? What happened? o.O
— This was Telegram Bar… Yep, it still is, but it's dead.
— Eh… Why?..
— That is a long story…
— Please, tell me!
— So, let me start. Once upon a time, one old man has opened a bar called ‘Telegram Bar’. It was not like all other bars, the only servers were bots...
They served drinks and helped people with different things.
There was a bot who loved anime a lot, he was able to describe the plot of any anime title! There are billions of them, you know, but he has watched each. He also remembered what our clients watched or planned to watch and could help them choose.
— Wow!.. Sound very unusual.
— Well… It was indeed. As well as good servers, there were some… Ehm… Not so nice ^^"
One of them disliked stupid questions and was sending everyone to Google… He still does, he just isn't working here anymore.
— O_o
— A sad story. The bots are cyborgs, you know. The first one was dependent on some mechanical parts which are hard to get. The last supplier of them was Hummingbird. And since it's now defunkt, our bot has died… Rest in peace, @colibri_bot.
— I am so sorry about it…
— No problems.
— But what happened to the bar?
— Oh, since the best server has died, clients started to disappear, another server left us and… And then cops raided the bar. Not much has survived, as you see. In fact, i'm the last one here.
— And what's with the bot who's still alive?
— You'd better ask him. Just write to @gflbot in Telegram.
— How do I contact you?
— I will soon post my contact info on this channel.
— What else interesting can I find in Telegram?
— There is plenty of bots and channels… One of my favourite is phash animepics.
— I'll have a look, thank you!
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